Scholar Studying Psalm 119: A scholar sits in a candlelit study, surrounded by ancient texts and manuscripts, deeply engrossed in reading the Bible open to Psalm 119. The image captures the scholar's dedication to exploring the intricate structure and spiritual depth of the longest chapter in the Bible.

What is the Longest Chapter in the Bible?

Have you ever wondered which chapter in the Bible has the most words and verses? That’s what we’re talking about today! It’s Psalm 119, known as the longest chapter with its massive 176 verses.

This chapter is special because it follows a pattern where each part starts with a different letter from the Hebrew alphabet. Not only does it have many verses, but Psalm 119 also beats all other chapters in word count.

Right before it comes Psalm 117, which is interestingly the shortest and sits right at the middle of the Bible.

There are other long chapters too! Psalms 118 almost matches up with its own set of 176 verses, while Numbers 7 has long stories to tell across its 89 verses. The cool thing about Psalm 119 is that although we don’t know who wrote it, every verse spotlights how important God’s Word is.

In this article, we’ll take a fun trip through different lengths of Bible chapters – from giants like Psalm 119 to tiny ones like Obadiah – and check out what makes them unique. Get ready for some surprises along this journey through pages and numbers! Let’s start exploring together now!

The Longest Chapter in the Bible

Dive headfirst into the epic expanse of Psalm 119, where acrostic artistry meets divine devotion—this titan of text not only secures its title as the longest chapter in the sacred script but also serves as a testament to the intricate blend of poetic craft and spiritual fervor.

Through its staggering 176 verses, each meticulously aligned with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet, this biblical behemoth weaves an ode to God’s law that could make even the most verbose wordsmiths blush.

Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is like a giant treasure map. It has 176 verses, making it the biggest chapter in the whole Bible! Each verse is like a step on the path to learning how great God’s Word is.

Think of it as an adventure through a forest of words that point out all kinds of cool stuff about following God’s rules and living a good life.

With this Psalm, you’re taking a trip through the Hebrew alphabet too. Every section starts with a different letter from Aleph to Tav, kind of like chapters in an awesome book about God’s love letter to us.

Imagine walking down a path where each signpost is one of these letters telling you more amazing things about God’s instructions for life – that’s Psalm 119 for you!

Other Long Chapters in the Bible

While Psalm 119 reigns supreme in length, other biblical behemoths like Esther 8 and Jeremiah’s heart-wrenching lamentations also stretch the seams of holy script with their verbose vigor, inviting you to dive deeper into their sacred sprawls.

Second Longest Chapter

The chapter just before the longest one, Psalms 118, holds a pretty impressive record too. It has 176 verses! Now imagine reading that in one go; it’s like running a mental marathon but with words from the Old Testament cheering you on.

Each verse is like a step towards understanding more about faith and life.

Next comes another giant of a chapter which isn’t short on words either.

Third Longest Chapter

Numbers 7 steps up as the third longest chapter in the Bible. It’s quite a read, with 1,896 words spread across 89 verses! Imagine sitting down and trying to memorize all of that—it’s like trying to remember every item on an extra-long shopping list.

This chapter doesn’t mess around; it’s packed with details about offerings from the leaders of Israel. Each leader brought gifts for the dedication of the altar, and boy, it feels like the writer is making sure we know every single thing they offered down to the last grain of incense!

Illuminated Manuscript of Psalm 119: A beautifully illuminated manuscript of Psalm 119 is displayed on a wooden table in a room filled with religious artifacts. Soft light shines upon the manuscript, highlighting its detailed decorations and ancient Hebrew script, emphasizing the artistic beauty and spiritual significance of the chapter.

Exploring Chapter Lengths: From the Longest to the Shortest Chapters in the Bible

As we meander through the corridors of the Bible, we stumble across chapters that stretch like the endless horizon and others that are brief as a whisper. The tapestry of text weaves a story of variety in length and depth. Let’s take a visual tour!

1Psalm 119176
ShortestPsalm 1172

This visual snippet offers a glimpse into the ebb and flow of biblical prose, a reminder of the rich diversity within its sacred pages. Psalm 119 reigns with its 176 verses, a literary giant among its peers. Yet, in humble contrast sits Psalm 117, a modest two-verse chapter that proves size isn’t everything. Between these extremes lie countless other chapters, each with its own story, waiting to be explored.


Alright, let’s wrap this up! The champ of chapter length in the Bible is none other than Psalm 119. Picture it: 176 verses singing praises to God’s word. It’s a hefty read but packed with love for every letter of scripture.

From its acrostic flair to those soulful reflections, it beats out all other chapters by a mile! Now you know what takes the top spot in the good book – and that’s one epic poem you can’t miss in your Bible adventures!


1. What is the longest chapter in the Bible?

Psalms 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible that praises God’s word.

2. Why is Psalms 119 so long?

Psalms 119 uses each Hebrew letter to start a section, making it an acrostic poem with many words about loving God’s law.

3. Does Psalms 119 talk about Jesus like other parts of the Bible do?

Yes, some Christians believe Psalms 119 points to Jesus as Messiah and looks back at Old Testament prophecies about His ministry.

4. How does Psalms 119 fit into Bible studies?

People use Psalms 119 in bible study because it teaches us how to follow God’s teachings without error.

5. Is there anything special about Psalm 119 compared to chapters in new books of the Bible like Matthew or Luke?

Yes, unlike New Testament books that tell Jesus’ genealogy or give his teachings like The Sermon on the Mount, Psalm 119 celebrates Scripture and its perfection.

6. What can we learn from reading Psalm 119 today?

Reading Psalm 119 helps people understand why Christians think all Scriptures are important and show they are true words from God.

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