Contemplative Reading Under an Olive Tree: A serene and reflective person sits under an ancient olive tree, holding an open Bible to Psalm 117. The scene is tranquil and introspective, symbolizing the profound yet concise message of the shortest chapter in the Bible.

What is the Shortest Chapter in the Bible?

Have you ever wondered what the smallest chapter in the Bible is? It’s Psalm 117, and it stands out because it has only two verses. This tiny chapter might seem short with just 17 words in Hebrew, but its message is big.

Though small, it sits right at the heart of the book of Psalms and calls on every person from all over to praise God.

Psalm 117 is not only special for being short; it also connects to some pretty important ideas that even show up later in the New Testament! Apostle Paul talks about this small chapter in his letter found in Romans Chapter 15.

And guess what? The longest chapter isn’t far away – Psalm 119 has a whopping 176 verses! That’s like going from something super tiny to mega huge!

Just thinking about how ancient people would sing this little chapter together can make us feel like part of their world. It shows us how they celebrated God’s love and truth long ago.

Ready to get amazed by a mighty message packed into a mini-chapter? Let’s find out more!

Ancient Scroll of Psalm 117: An ancient open scroll displaying the Hebrew text of Psalm 117, illuminated by candlelight. Surrounding the scroll are various biblical symbols like a menorah, olive branches, and a shofar, reflecting the rich cultural and religious heritage of the text.

The Shortest Chapter in the Bible: Psalm 117

In a book teeming with wisdom and grand narratives, the Bible’s shortest chapter makes its mark not through length, but through its potent brevity. Nestled unassumingly in the heart of the Book of Psalms, Psalm 117 stands out as a compact powerhouse of praise, capturing hearts with just two verses that echo God’s enduring love and faithfulness.

Brief Overview of Psalm 117

Psalm 117 stands out in the Bible like a small but sparkling gem. It may only have two verses, but its words pack a big punch. The chapter asks everyone on earth to praise the Lord for His kindness and truth that lasts forever.

Picture every person from every place lifting their voices together—it’s like one huge choir singing “hallelujah” to the sky!

This tiny chapter is right at the heart of the Hebrew hymnbook and scores a special spot as both the middle chapter and shortest in all of Scripture. It’s part of something called the “Egyptian Hallel,” which are songs people sang to celebrate great things God did.

Imagine ancient folks just like us, using these same verses to dance and thank God for love that doesn’t quit.

Significance of Psalm 117

Psalm 117 may be short, but it packs a punch with its mighty message. It’s like the little engine that could of Bible chapters, proving that size isn’t everything. This tiny chapter calls on people from every corner of the world to celebrate God’s love and truth.

It shows us that God’s kindness is huge and lasts forever. Think about it; these few words have crossed oceans and mountains, reaching countless souls over thousands of years.

This psalm also squeezes into the center of the Bible like a cozy heart, pumping out praise right in the middle of all those pages! Its place in scripture isn’t just about being at heart-point; it ties together big ideas shared by Christians across different times and places.

It sings about universal truthseveryone can join this chorus because God’s loving care doesn’t leave anyone out. Imagine nations everywhere united in one giant sing-along, voices ringing out this powerful promise: The Lord loves us all—big time!

Ornate Bible with Psalm 117: A grand and ornate open Bible on an altar, with Psalm 117 prominently displayed. The room is richly decorated with religious symbols and stained glass windows, creating a sense of reverence and awe for the shortest chapter in the Bible.

The Historical Context of Psalm 117 and its Connection to the Oldest Book in the Bible

People wrote psalms a long time ago to sing and praise God. Psalm 117 is like a short and sweet song, telling everyone around the world to love and thank God because He is always kind and loyal.

It’s not just any old song; it connects way back to the oldest parts of the Bible.

Long before Jesus came along, folks believed in God’s promises through songs like these. The book of Job is probably the oldest one in the Bible, talking about big questions like why bad things happen to good people.

Even though Job lived through tough times, he still trusted God just like Psalm 117 says we should. This tiny chapter reminds us that trusting God has been important for a really long time—since the days when Job was around!

Scholar Studying Psalm 117: A tranquil scene in a library, with a scholar sitting at a desk, deeply engrossed in reading the Bible's Psalm 117. The room is filled with rows of ancient books and soft lighting, reflecting the scholar's dedication to understanding the profound simplicity of this brief chapter.

Interesting Facts About Psalm 117

Psalm 117 is tiny but mighty in its message. Despite its size, it packs a punch with some cool facts:

  • It’s like the heart of the Bible, right in the middle.
  • Paul, a famous guy in the New Testament, gives it a shoutout. He talks about Psalm 117 to make a point about Jesus and how everyone should praise God.
  • This psalm is super short and sweet. It tells us that God loves us big time and sticks by us no matter what.
  • All kinds of people sing this psalm. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak. The words are for everybody to share.
  • You can say it quick! With only two verses, anyone can learn it by heart and carry it around like a little treasure.


Now, let’s wrap up our chat about the Bible’s tiniest chapter. Think of Psalm 117 as a little giant in the scripture world—a short burst with a loud message. It’s like finding a small treasure box and inside it holds vast riches; just two verses long, but oh so mighty! This tiny chapter shouts out to everyone, everywhere: “Hey folks, come praise this awesome God we have!” Just goes to show you don’t need loads of words to make something big happen.

Keep it short and sweet—that’s what Psalm 117 does best.


1. What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?

Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in the Bible, found in the Old Testament.

2. How many verses are there in Psalm 117?

Psalm 117 has just two verses, making it very brief.

3. Is Psalm 119 longer than Psalm 117?

Yes, Psalm 119 is much longer; it’s actually the longest chapter in the Bible!

4. Does Psalm 134 have more words than Psalm 117?

Even though Psalm 134 also has only three verses, it does have more words than Psalm 117.

5. What book of the Bible do we find these short chapters?

We find Psalms like psalm 133 and psalm 127 in a book of poems called Psalms or Tehillim in Hebrew poetry.

6. Why is knowing about short chapters like Psalm 117 important for reading and studying Bibles?

Short chapters are easy to remember and can help us recall God’s lovingkindness and faithfulness quickly during bible study or praising and worshiping.

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