Sunset Reading of Psalms: A person sits on a hilltop at sunset, surrounded by large, scattered pages of the book of Psalms, each glowing with warm light, reflecting the vastness and emotional depth of the longest book in the Bible by chapters.

What is the Longest Book of the Bible?

Have you ever wondered which book in the Bible is the longest? The Bible has a lot of books, but some are really, really big! Psalms stands out with its 150 chapters. That’s a lot of singing and prayers! But hold on—Jeremiah might not have as many chapters, but it sure has a ton of words, exactly 33,008 in Hebrew.

Then there’s Luke from the New Testament. It beats other books in this part with 19,482 Greek words.

Some people think Psalms is number one because it has so many words—but that’s not quite right. With its 2,461 verses, it does win for most verses though! Genesis comes close behind Jeremiah with lots of words to read too.

Did you know Esther 8:9 is like a super long run-on sentence while John 11:35 is short and sad just saying “Jesus wept”?.

It can be tricky figuring out what makes a book the biggest—is it chapters or all those words? Some say chapter count matters more; others believe word count should win. This article will explore these giant and tiny parts of the Bible so everyone can learn about them.

Let’s get ready to check out some amazing stories from very little ones to great big ones!

Longest Book of the Bible by Chapter

Dive into the depths of biblical literature, and you’ll find that Psalms stands as a giant among its peers. This ancient anthology of songs and prayers stretches across an impressive 150 chapters.

Lengthy Chapters: Spotlight on the Book of Psalms

RankBookNumber of ChaptersNotable Chapters
1Psalms150Lengthiest Chapter – Psalm 119; Briefest Chapter – Psalm 117

Beside its voluminous chapter count, Psalms hides treasures of emotional breadth. Vivid imagery is strewn throughout its verses, from the tranquil streams in Psalm 23 to the somber valleys of Psalm 22. With chapters that can evoke a symphony of feelings, it’s no wonder this book resonates with so many.

Turning our gaze to the New Testament, Matthew and Acts each boast an extensive 28 chapters, securing their place as the lengthiest by chapter count in the latter part of the Bible. Though not quite reaching the soaring heights of Psalms, they stand tall as cornerstones of the New Testament narrative.

Now, Psalms doesn’t just sit on the throne for its number of chapters; it’s a kaleidoscope of human emotion. The book oscillates between exultant praises and soul-deep laments, offering a chapter for every season of the soul. Embrace the psalms, and you’ll find ancient words that still throb with life and relevance today.

tudying Jeremiah: An open Bible on an ancient wooden desk shows the book of Jeremiah in Hebrew text, with a scroll and a quill beside it, in a dimly lit room, emphasizing the depth and complexity of the longest book by word count.

Longest Book of the Bible by Verse

Shifting gears from chapters to the nitty-gritty of verses, we uncover another layer of biblical magnitude. And here, the plot thickens—while Psalms stands tall with its 150 chapters, it’s the verses that tell a different story. Pebble by pebble, verse by verse, we see Psalm’s claim to fame overshadowed. Let’s delve into the numbers, shall we?


Now isn’t that a plot twist? Genesis, with its grand narrative of beginnings, actually edges past Jeremiah in the verse count, securing a spot that surprises many. It’s a classic case of quantity versus length. And Psalms? It’s the book with more chapters but, in the verse tally, it reigns supreme—oh, the irony! But remember, it’s not the number of verses alone that crowns the longest book; context and content have a heft of their own.

Grand Library of Biblical Books: A spacious library with towering bookshelves filled with ancient texts, at the center is a large table showcasing various biblical books like Genesis, Psalms, and Jeremiah, illuminated by light filtering through stained-glass windows, symbolizing the vast literary and spiritual scope of these lengthy books.

Longest Book of the Bible by Word Count

Let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter. The longest book of the Bible by word count isn’t the one with the most chapters or verses—it’s about sheer word heft. Jeremiah tips the scales with a hefty 33,008 words, outpacing its brethren in the scriptural word marathon. Below is a neatly organized table for those who appreciate the beauty of data and the Bible’s literary magnitude:

RankBookWord Count

Jeremiah stands as the colossal giant in terms of verbiage. Genesis, with its epic tales of creation and beginnings, secures the runner-up position. Psalms, that treasure trove of poetic hymns, glides into third. Following close on their heels are Ezekiel and Exodus—both heavyweights of prophetic messages and epic narratives.

Amidst this list, one may think the book of Psalms holds the crown due to its grand chapter count; however, words, not chapters, make the final ruling here. The word count of the books confirms Jeremiah as the longest, setting straight any prior misconceptions.

It’s hard to ignore the sheer volume and depth that each word in these books carries, serving purposes beyond their numerical count. They create worlds, dictate history, and inspire millions. As we list them out, stripped of their usual grandeur, each name evokes a sense of reverence for the devout and fascination for the scholar.

The Bible, in its vastness, accommodates both the grandiosity of Jeremiah and the brevity of its shortest verses with equal grace. Notably absent is the polish of a wrap-up paragraph, because the numbers speak volumes and need no further embellishment.

Intense Study of the Gospel of Luke: A scholar sits in a candlelit room, surrounded by scrolls and books, intensely studying the Gospel of Luke with ancient Greek texts and commentaries spread around, capturing the dedication to understanding the longest book in the New Testament.

Exploring Extremes: From the Longest to the Shortest Verses in the Bible

Looking at word count is fun, but the number of words isn’t the only thing that’s big or small in the Bible. Now let’s check out the longest and shortest verses:

  • The longest verse can be found in Esther 8:9. It has a whopping 90 words in the King James Version (KJV)! This verse is like a super-sized meal, giving us lots to chew on with its list of places and King Ahasuerus’ orders.
  • Flip over to John 11:35 and you’ll find the shortest verse. It’s just two words: “Jesus wept.” These words might be small, but they pack a big punch with their meaning about Jesus’ feelings.
  • Psalms stands tall as the book with the most chapters – all 150 of them. Imagine it as a tower made of songs and prayers reaching up high into the sky.
  • But Genesis isn’t far behind when you count words. It boasts 32,046 of them across its many stories from creation to Joseph’s colorful coat.
  • Then there’s Jeremiah, stretching out longer than any other book by word count. This big book tells us about a prophet’s tough job and his messages from God.
  • Little 3rd John barely takes up space with just one chapter. It’s like a tiny house next to Jeremiah’s mansion!
  • We see something funny when comparing lengths. Chapters don’t always win against word count – sometimes more words hide in fewer chapters!


Well, there you have it! The book of Psalms takes the crown as the biggest, chunkiest book in the Bible. It’s packed with more chapters than any other book – a whopping 150 to be exact.

And if you’re counting verses and words, Psalms still leads the pack. So next time someone asks which book is the heavyweight champion of the Good Book, tell them it’s Psalms—the long-reigning king of biblical word counts!


1. Which book in the Bible has the most chapters?

The longest book in the Bible by chapters is Psalms, an Old Testament book with 150 chapters.

2. Does the New Testament have a long book too?

Yes, the Gospel of Luke is one of the longest books in the New Testament with many verses and stories about Jesus.

3. What are some big books in the Old Testament?

Books like Genesis and Exodus are big parts of The Torah and have lots of chapters and verses.

4. Can you read long books of the Bible in any version?

You sure can! Whether it’s English Standard Version or New International Version, all translations include these longer books.

5. Are there any apps that help read long Bible Books?

Logos Bible Software is one app that lets people study and understand large books from both Testaments easily.

6. Do all Bibles order their books to show which is longest?

Not usually, but if you look at how many pages or words they have, you can tell which ones like Psalms or Deuteronomy are longer than others like Ruth or Jude.

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